Ping-Pong Tables Way Cooler Than Ping-Pong


You don’t need game like the dudes in the clip below to appreciate the awesome ping-pong — er, sorry, table tennis — tables made by Eleven Ravens. While ping-pong tables were once relegated to the basement, garage, or designated Beer Pong Room (if you’re thinking, “It’s called Beirut!” we refuse to engage with you), these handcrafted tables look so good that they’d almost certainly be the nicest piece of furniture you have in your house. The company makes several models of tables at a range of different prices, but our favorite is probably the Arclight pictured above. Depending on what kind of wood you choose — bamboo, teak, cocobolo, or padauk — it costs anywhere from $11,250 to $12,000.

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So, okay, a little pricey for a ping-pong table. But for one thing, portions of each sale go toward The Sport and Art Educational Foundation Table Tennis Therapy Program, which helps people in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. Plus, when you’re on your way to losing 0-21 to the snot-nosed neighbor kid from down the street, the ball bounces will be much truer than if you were getting schooled on a warped plywood green plank with a ratty net stapled to it. And the best part? You can boast that you own the only ping-pong table in the universe that women will actually agree to have sex on.