Read This: Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari

modern romance aziz ansariYou probably know him from Parks and Recreations or as a stand-up comedian, but Aziz Ansari is also a dude who dates. And that means he’s just as confused and neurotic as we are when we get a random emoji sent to us via text or are met with radio silence after a perceived good date. The difference being Ansari is able to fuse stand-up material with an in-depth take on what it’s like to date nowadays.

So what’s surprising about Modern Romance ($11 and up @ isn’t the humor; that’s expected from a talented comedian. But the candor and recruitment of social scientists to analyze what the hell is going is enlightening — even if Ansari and his team don’t always come up with concrete answers for everything (which is totally impossible to do, anyway). In other words, it’s not a “how-to” book more than it’s a guy’s insight into dating and technology and the marriage of both. But it’s still funny and will most likely keep your attention longer than your girlfriend’s Judy Blume novel.

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