15 Rejected Titles For Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher starring Tom Cruise

Has there ever been a worse name for a film than Jack Reacher? Sure, the Tom Cruise film is based on a series of books whose main character is, in fact, named Jack Reacher. But the specific book the movie is based on is called One Shot. That’s not such a bad name for a movie. (For instance, it’s two words long, but those two words are not euphemisms for sex acts … unlike jack and reacher.) And One Shot isn’t the only rejected title for the film. Also considered were:

You Don’t Know Jack … Reacher

Reacher: The Jack Reacher Story

You Got Reachered

Reaching Reacher’s Limits

Tug Stroker

Handy Bater

Beat Chokeman

Arthur Reacher’s Fists and Chicks

Hot For Reacher

Jack On Jack

America’s Got Reacher

Not Very Jolly Reacher

Jumpin’ Jack Reacher

Jacked and Reached

Top Gun 2