23 Simple Things That’ll Make You A Pro At Organizing

mail organizer

#7. Keep Physical Mail and Important Docs Together

For mail that comes in that you need or want to keep — a decent “save the date” or a birth announcement of a semi-handsome baby earns a week or so of display before it’s recycled — a hanging organizer like the InterDesign Wall Mount, Mail and Key Rack ($13 @ Amazon.com) can keep it sorted and add a style to your pad. A place to add your keys is a bonus.


#8. Be Wiser When You Manage Clothes

As we all know any clothes you have that did not wear for 6 months is stuff you probably won’t won’t wear ever again. One of the cool and rather smart things you can do is to simply turn around all the hangers in your closet so that the hooks point towards you. In other words, turn them the wrong way round. Additionally, when you wear something, just return with the hook set in the normal way. Keep at it, and after several months any hanger that’s still facing the wrong way has an item of clothing you definitely do not need any more and can easily donate. Pretty slick, huh!

#9. Stash Your Passwords In One Place

Some of us here feel odd about keeping our passwords online in a cloud. Others don’t. If you’re in the, ahem, smart camp of scardey-cats, you can keep them with important docs like your birth certificate and passport. Make it simple by using this handy sheet someone already created. Download it here.  Alphabetize it or separate each by category (e.g. social, music, TV/movie, etc.). Otherwise, use Google Docs. Code it up, if possible so it’s not super obvious. For example, if you bank with Chase maybe Bank of America or Wells Fargo in the doc. If nothing else, it’ll buy you time if the doc is hacked.