23 Simple Things That’ll Make You A Pro At Organizing

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#4. Clean Up Your Workspace

Recently your work desk has become a dense jungle, jam-packed with things that make your work day a living hell. Time to set this right. Once again, let us turn to technology and simple inventions. These days there are all sorts of nifty items you can get to make your work area less cluttered. Looking at the Cyanics iStick desktop organizer ($37.99) might make you shout: “where has this cute little thing been all my life?”

wand scanner

#5. Eliminate The Paper Trail

Instead, create a digital trail that’s easier to manage. Using a device like the VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner ($45 @ Amazon.com), you can prevent receipts, invoices, or important documents to take up precious real estate, break out the Magic Wand and scan them. The docs will save to the Wand, and then you can save them in a labeled folder on your comp. It’s a great tool for guys who freelance full-time or families who deal with a lot of paperwork. Just be sure to back up your files or upload them all to a cloud for safe keeping if your computer decides to crap out.


#6. Use Technology To Manage Money

Mint.com not only helps you budget and keeps tabs on your spending. Yeah, we know that’s a little weird since it’s a program that knows your every move — including reminding of astronomic bar tabs — but still … Mint can provide customized tips for savings, check your credit, and enable you to set up autopay for bills.