Sneaker Care: How To Properly Clean Your Shoes

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You may not know it, but when it comes to cleaning your shoes, you really have a lot of options. The truth is that most people don’t clean their shoes enough or frequently enough. You’ll notice this in the way that the shoes look and feel once you’ve cleaned them. They’re generally cleaner, but not completely clean. 

Not cleaning your shoes enough or frequently enough is a big mistake, especially if you want to have your shoes looking brand new and feeling great all the time. The availability of many sneaker care products in the market also makes the cleaning of any type of shoes convenient. 

In this post, you’ll learn how to clean every type of shoes the proper way.

  1. Fabric Shoes

You want to avoid using harsh detergents on your fabric shoes. Use your regular detergent for washing them instead. Also, some people think that washing their shoes in a machine that’s too hot or too cold will do the trick. That isn’t the case. Your shoes will need to be dried on a towel rather than washed in a machine. Keep this in mind as you try to make sure that your shoes get a good shine every single time you wear them.

The final step to properly cleaning your fabric shoes is rinsing them off in cold water. Don’t use tap water for washing your fabric shoes. Instead, you should use the same water that you would use to wash your linens and clothes.

  1. Leather

First, you’ll need to remove all of the dirt from the shoes. It might sound like common sense, but it actually does take more time and effort to remove stains and other dirt than from your leather shoes than you think. If you’ve never tried doing this before, then, you should start with an old rag. If you can’t use an old rag, you can use newspaper or even a piece of paper towel to help get the dirt out.

Then, you’ll need to get a dirty sock or piece of cloth and dip it in soapy water. The goal is to saturate the dirt and get as much of it out of the shoes as possible. You’ll, then, want to rub the dirty piece of cloth over the shoes and, then, rinse them off. That’s the first step to properly cleaning your leather shoes.

Next, you’ll need to dry the dirt and get it off of the shoes. If the stains are stubborn and won’t just come out after a few seconds of drying, then, you should try using a hair dryer. It’s not only a little more efficient, but it will be able to speed up the drying process as well.

Finally, you’ll want to use a leather conditioner to help make sure that your footwear is properly cared for. Using this type of conditioner will help keep leather shoes looking new for years to come. There are many different types of conditioners that can be used depending on how dirty the shoes are.

  1. Suede

When you clean your suede shoes, it’s best to use a suede polish. There are many types of cleaners available for this type of leather, so make sure that you choose the one that’s best suited for the type of leather you have on your shoes. Make sure that you follow the cleaning instructions for your type of suede polish to ensure that it’s effective in keeping your suede looking its best.

Suede polish will also work with other types of leather to prevent scratches from forming on them. The polishes will also protect your suede shoes from dirt and stains. When you use a suede polish, you’ll want to use a soft-bristled brush to apply it. It’s important to use a brush that doesn’t scratch the surface of the suede to ensure that your suede shoes will last for a long time.

When it’s time to use your suede polish, you should not use a sponge. That’s because you’ll be removing some of the protective layer from the suede. Instead, you’ll need to clean the polish off with a soft-bristled brush. Afterwards, you should, then, buff your suede shoes using a soft suede polishing cloth. You’ll want to wipe away any dust and dirt that may be on the suede. This will allow you to keep the suede in tiptop shape. This will also make it easier to clean your shoes when you need to remove them and put them back on.

  1. Athletic Shoes

Make sure that the shoes you’ll be cleaning is dry before you begin to do anything else. If you have a damp pair of running shoes or one that’s wet with perspiration, you’ll not be able to properly clean them even if you’re using a shoe cleaning solution that’s specifically designed for this purpose.

When you’re cleaning your athletic shoes, there are a number of different things that you can do. You may need to use the type of cleaning solution that you have purchased on your athletic shoes. If you haven’t purchased any type of cleaning solution for your shoes, you can always purchase some at a sporting goods store or online.

When you’re using any type of solution for your shoes, it’s very important that you use it in a very gentle manner. If you don’t use a very gentle method for the cleaning of your athletic shoes, you could ruin your shoes, as well as your running. Also, if you don’t follow the proper procedure, it may take a longer time to remove the dirt from your shoes.

It’s also a good idea to use a cloth or a sponge that’s designed to remove stains from athletic footwear. In addition, don’t allow any sort of liquid to get into your shoes since this can cause your athletic shoes to become more stained. Instead, you should use a dry towel or a clean piece of paper to wipe any spills off your shoes.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to properly clean your shoes doesn’t take very much time. It’s really important for you to make sure that you’re keeping your shoes as clean as possible. If you don’t, you’re going to be risking getting sick because of the germs that might be on the inside of your shoes. It’s just too bad that people don’t take cleaning their shoes seriously. They can end up having horrible infections and experience discomfort if they don’t wash their shoes regularly. Not to mention, improper cleaning or not cleaning your shoes at all will only damage the shoes’ material.