Gear Up For Winter With Spyder’s Bandit Jacket

winter fleece from spyderThe Spyder Bandit full zip fleece jacket ($110 @ is a great layer for the frigid slopes, as its polyester 360-degree stretch microfleece fabric allows complete freedom of movement while trapping warmth. But now that the weather is finally heating up, you can also use it as a standalone when you take those long walks to happy hour.

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The Bandit is sleek, comfortable, and best of all, looks sharp. What’s more, its flat lock encourages less bulk. (Looking like a billowy puffball while warming up in the ski lodge is okay, but it’s not so appealing when you’re meeting a date.)

The stretch hem and cuff binding to insulate also works to keep the cold air on the outs. The hand and chest pockets allow you to stash pretty much whatever you can squeeze in there — your keys, vaporizer, neuralyzer (major points if you know the movie that gadget appeared in).

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Point being, when it’s chilly and you’re looking for something versatile in terms of style but that will still keep you warm, the Spyder Bandit full zip is a solid option.