We Wore A Stantt Custom Shirt And It Was Pretty Awesome

stantt shirts

You’ve most likely encountered a situation where you needed or wanted to get a new button-down shirt and found yourself settling for an off-the-rack shirt that fit just well enough to get the job done. Maybe you’re broad-shouldered, barrel-chested, uniquely proportioned, or you’re carrying some extra poundage. Doesn’t matter. Point is, if you don’t feel as though the shirt fits or feels right, it probably doesn’t look right on you.

One of our editors ran into this issue with all of his shirts. But the guy is so damn hardheaded that he’d scoff when we’d mention a custom shirt. Common responses: “Getting measurements is annoying.” “They’re too expensive.”

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stantt shirts for menHis tuned changed when a PR firm representing Stantt (stantt.com)— a Kickstarter success story and a brand that quickly churns out custom dress or casual button-down shirts — got int touch with us and offered us a shirt to test. Following the “how-to” guide for measuring on their site (stantt.com/pages/measurements) we got numbers for his chest, waist, and arms in about a minute and change. From there we submitted the measurements to the company, which has an algorithm that matches you to one of 75 sizes. Painless.

Not surprisingly, when the shirt arrived about a week or so later it fit  flawlessly. (He also noted how comfortable the fabric was.) The shirt didn’t hug his body so much as it looked like it belonged on there.

The fit wasn’t lost on the women in our office, either. Three women who work on different websites in different parts of our floor made comments at separate times in the break room. Who made it? Stantt. What shirt was it? Navy Gingham ($98) (pictured left). The cost: $98. Shipping time? About 7-10 days. Cost of shipping? Free. Exchange policy? 90 days. Returns? Free.

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Did our editor get better looking because of Stantt? Hell no, they don’t sell magic elixirs. And he’s still hardheaded as ever. But their shirt did change his mind about what a custom shirt can do — and it just might change yours, too.

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