Study: Your Manager Probably Isn’t Very Good

Study: Your Manager Isn't Very Good (Probably)

If your supervisor isn’t breathing down your neck to crank out TPS reports, or bitching at you in closed-door meetings (or even worse, in front of your co-workers), you’re doing enough to get by. And for some of us, that’s the perfect amount of effort. For those of you — oops, we mean us! — who enjoy the little things, like being challenged and getting nominated for raises — it’s not. But to excel on paper you need to receive clear-cut goals to accomplish, which should be handed down. Without an outline of goals it’s tough to understand if you’re meeting or exceeding expectations (unless you’re in sales and you’re blasting through your quota, obviously).

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Turns out, if you’re lacking specifics as to what your end game is at your job, you’re not alone.  A recent study found that half of the companies that took part in the Towers Watson 2014 Talent Management and Rewards Study had inadequate managers who didn’t provide their employees attainable goals to strive to achieve.

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Now, it could be due to being overworked or underpaid, or that those 50 percent of managers are simply a bunch of Bill Lumbergs. Point is, if you’re skating by and playing on MyFace all day, you’re a lazy employee. If you have a manager that allows it, you’re a lazy employee with a shitty manager. And the latter has been shown to cause more stress in the workplace and — not surprisingly — low productivity among workers.

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