The Best Barbers in Portland, Oregon 2023

Heritage Barbershop Best Barbers in Portland

Heritage Barbershop
2137-B East Burnside Street
Portland, OR 97214

One of the best barbershops in Portland: Heritage Barbershop. It delivers what the name promises. With a logo sporting two barber poles and an H worthy of Camelot, it’s traditional and masculine down to the brilliant white barber shirts labeled name and “Master Barber.” It’s sleek and classy, with wainscoting and wood-framed mirrors, but there’s nothing old-fashioned about Heritage cuts. They’re slick, up-to-date, on the straight razor’s cutting edge. If you need a treat, they offer hot-towel shaves and hot oil treatments. Haircuts for men run $25, complete with complimentary beverage. You can walk in or book an appointment online, and they’ve a lady barber here, too. When another barber gives it a reference, you know it’s a must-try.

“When you walk into the shop you can relax in a nice communal environment and escape some of the craziness of life. That’s why I feel blessed to come here every day. It doesn’t feel like work until I have to do paperwork in the back.” – Brian Porteous, Owner