Survey: Smartphones Murder Relationship Intimacy

smartphone may ruin sex life: survey

Your smartphone habits might be ruining your sex life, says research published in the journal Psychology of Popular Media Culture. Researchers at Brigham Young University surveyed 143 couples — some married, others shacking up in sin — and found that more than 70 percent of the women claimed that smartphones were an issue in their relationship. The survey focused on other forms of media, including TVs, tablets, but while only 40 percent noted the TV being a distraction, the percentage leaped 30 points when it came to our smartphone devices.

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Of course, this was a small study that didn’t delve into the couples’ histories or whether or not the dudes or women were total dicks  to begin with. But still, one thing seems clear: if your woman is stripping down trying to get your little buddy to stand at full attention and you’re busy trying to beat down strangers in Candy Crush Saga, there are major issues that need addressed.