The 8 Best TV Shows That Were Cancelled After One Season

Band_of_brothers_ tv shows one season

Band of Brothers

Spielberg’s World War II epic, Saving Private Ryan, had a profound influence on pop culture, completely reshaping how war movies were made in Hollywood, and of course, spawning things like the Medal of Honor video game and more. Later on, director Spielberg and actor Tom Hanks (who also starred in Saving Private Ryan) had produced a show called Band of Brothers, inspired largely by the ambiance and stories of the aforementioned movie.

Like the movie, the show is also set during World War II, and depicts the stories and events related to the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division. It was based on historical events and won multiple awards. Unhappily, this turned out to be a one-time deal. While audiences would’ve been extremely grateful to see more, and despite the show’s multiple awards, a second season or a spin-off never happened. It just remained a brilliant one-time miniseries. Not to mention that the show’s premiere had 10 million viewers.