5 Hair Loss Supplements For Balding Men

Best Hair-Loss Supplements For Balding Men country life maxi-hair#2. Country Life Maxi-Hair Plus ($18 @ Amazon.com)

Even vegetarians lose their hair, and there’s a hair-loss product marketed specifically toward them. Maxi-Hair is certified vegetarian and gluten-free, and you won’t find any artificial color, flavor or sweeteners in its ingredients. This makes it one of the best supplements for balding men, er, naturalists.


This patented hair supplement features 5,000 MCG of biotin along with a unique blend of vitamins A, C, E and B complex to boost hair growth. “It takes time to see results, so be patient,” Brockert says. Hair grows only a centimeter a month under ideal circumstances, so it may be three months before you notice any new growth. Maxi-Hair is considered one of the best supplements for men losing their hair — just read all the positive reviews online.


best supplements for balding men now vitamin d#3. NOW Foods Vitamin D ($10 @ Amazon.com)

Vitamin D has been shown to promote a number of positives — such as elevated mood and helping the body absorb calcium — but experts are exploring the role it may play in minimizing hair loss. While experts aren’t entirely sure if Vitamin D can stop hair loss, they recommend taking it if your levels are low to ensure your body has what it needs to sprout healthy, strong strands of hair.

“Have your doctor administer a blood test to see if you’re low in vitamin D,” Brockert says. Don’t think this is license to bake out in the sun — 15 minutes of sun exposure a day is all it takes to get enough D. And if you’re not fond of sporting skin like a shriveled baked potato, wear sunscreen for crying out loud!  But when the days are shorter and you’re working full-time, it’s difficult to find time to get your balding scalp some sun time. Enter a hair supp like vitamin D.