The Best Vitamins For Men: Vitamin A

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Why they hell do you need vitamin A, and how the hell do you get enough of it?

Why it’s important: Essential for healthy skin and eyes, vitamin A also plays an important role in moisturizing the body’s mucous membranes and protecting your eyes from age-related degeneration. It’s also a noted antioxidant and immune system enhancer.

Best way to get it: Sweet potatoes, beef liver, spinach, milk, eggs, carrots.

Symptoms you’re not taking enough: Your night vision is poor, or you experience dry eyes, skin irritations (dry, rough or cracked skin), slow wound healing, decreased ability to taste, hear and smell, nerve damage, little to no perspiration, increased risk of infections (particularly respiratory infections)

Symptoms you’re getting in too much: Cold symptoms (headache, vomiting, fever), constipation, abnormal vision, loss of appetite, hair loss, trouble sleeping, bone pain. Chronic ODing can lead to liver damage.

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