Do Pot Smokers Get Laid More? One Study Suggests They Do

study weed get laid more

To cancel out the bad news of the uptight voters in Ohio voting down the legality of marijuana being used freely for recreation — those people really need to loosen up, may we suggest a J filled with sativa? — there is some good news for stoners: A Skyn Condom 2015 Millennial Sex Study surveyed more than 5,100 people ages 18 to 34 and found that those who smoked pot on the regular were said to have 14 percent more sex than those who said nope to dope (only five percent of non-smokers reportedly got laid as much as the peeps who got high).

So what are you waiting for? Light up that bong. Oh, you want a relationship between smoking pot and having more sex? Um, there isn’t any. Bummer.

But the silver lining is that the weed smokers were also more than likely to engage in a one-night stand compared to people who never smoked — 80 percent to 52 percent. The study also didn’t mention whether the people involved were sloppy messes or easy on the eyes. Does that matter? Hell yes. Maybe the non-smokers got a good look at what the dude/lady looking to hook up looked like and, after violently heaving up their dinner, opted to go home and masturbate like a civilized human being.

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