The Dive Bar Shirt Club Is Pretty Awesome

dive bar shirt club

We heard about the Dive Bar Shirt Club on the Howard Stern Show. Typically when Stern reads commercials we tune him out, but maybe it was the words “bar” and “shirt” — two things our editors are heavily invested in— that caught our ear. In short, the business offers “T-shirts from the best bars you’ve never heard of.”  With more than 65 pages of shirts — or about 200 shirts total — there’s a huge selection to choose from.

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The bummer is that you can’t choose a la carte; as a member you’ll receive a monthly T-shirt from their choosing. The upside is that most are still cool. Memberships cost $22 per month and shipping is included. Or you can prepay for three, six, nine, or a year’s worth of shirts. If you’re giving a gift, go with the three-month option. It’ll run you $64 and make it seem like your gift was super expensive — which is something the person better remember on your birthday or the holidays.

The Benefits Of Joining The Dive Bar Shirt Club

One of the biggest benefits of joining the Dive Bar Shirt Club is that it gives you access to some really cool dives across America that you may never have heard about before. You’ll get to experience all kinds of different establishments—from your favorite neighborhood bar to a dive bar tucked away in some small town in Texas or Florida—all while making friends with other people who share your love for these types of places. Plus, when you join, you get access to exclusive discounts at participating bars as well as early access to upcoming events!

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