The Manliest Manly Performances In Football History

Brett Favre
Yes, Favre is considered a total diva now, but there’s no denying the guy’s credentials — and not just because he plays touch football in the mud while rocking his Wranglers. Favre has played in an NFL-record 258 consecutive games (and counting), which is especially ridiculous considering the amount of abuse he’s taken during his 20-year career. One of Favre’s manliest moments occurred in a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Christmas Eve 1995, when he was hammered by three Pittsburgh defenders and knocked out of the game. Well, knocked out of the game for as long as it took him to limp over to the sidelines and puke blood during a timeout. After that, he returned and threw a TD pass on the following play that gave the Packers both the win and the division title.