The Six Greatest Trick Football Plays In Movies

It’s the Annexation of Puerto Rico with more technical execution. The QB deliberately drops the the ball on the ground upon receiving it from the center, resulting in a fumble. The backs and lineman run to the right, the right guard picks up the ball and heads for the paydirt.

Who Ran It?
The Longest Yard remake used the play to bring the prisoners to within one point of the officers and set up a successful two-point conversion. The play was also used in the 2008 film The Longshots, starring Ice Cube.

Does it Work?
Not the first time, which was in 1933 during a Texas high-school championship game. But it has. One of the earliest, high-profile uses of the play saw Nebraska run it with success in the 1984 Orange Bowl against Miami … before losing the game. Since then, teams such as Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Florida State have used it. Versions of the play have been co-opted by pro teams like the San Diego Chargers.