Timing Pays Off: Discover the Best Time to Play Slots


Wait before you pull that slot machine lever or click the mouse. Did you know that timing could impact your winnings? Discover the best time to play slots!

Any experienced slot player has their own opinion on when the best time to play slots is. It’s difficult to get any real advice from a group of individuals because each person has had their own successes and failures. 

Naturally, the advice you get will come from their experience gambling. With that said, there may be some strategies that we can discern from a close look at the odds, the machines, and the approach to gambling. 

We’re going to explore the idea of betting on slots today, hopefully giving you some advice that you can take online or to the casino. Let’s get started.

When is the Best Time to Play Slots?

The first thing to keep in mind when you’re approaching slot machines is that they are all run by random number generators

That means that there’s no discernable way to “beat” a slot machine or improve your odds of winning in general. That said, different people have methods and there’s no hiding the fact that some people win more than others. 

A cold-hard look at slot machines, though, tells us that everyone has an equal chance of winning at all times. There are some variables among slot machines that can change your odds, though. 

Return to Player Rates

The “Return to Player Rate” or RTP of a machine is important to note. Some machines, like Fishin Frenzy with Slotswise, offer an RTP over 95%. 

That means that you’re likely to get 95% of your original investment back over time. In other words, the odds are stacked 5% in favor of the machine over the long-run. 

That said, you can certainly win big and leave the machine before your winnings even out again. All machines will have RTPs under 100% because casinos and gambling sites wouldn’t make money if all players eventually earned more. 

Progressives and Number of Players

Some machines have progressive jackpots that increase as more people bet. Naturally, your bets have a higher earning potential as this number goes up. 

If you approach a slot and see that its progressive jackpot is exorbitantly high, you should definitely try your hand at a few bets. 

Additionally, some machines have increased jackpots as more people play. While the winnings could be higher in these instances, your odds of winning reduce. So, you have a smaller chance of hitting the jackpot but you’d win a lot more money if you did hit it. 

Time of Day

There’s no evidence to show that slots will hit more or less at different times of the day. More people tend to play at different times of the day, so your odds of hitting a jackpot could fluctuate with the time of day on a regular basis. 

That said, your best bet is to gamble knowing your odds and play accordingly. USACasinosites.org has a useful article on spotting scam slot machines, well worth a read.

Find Out What Bonuses Are Available

Bonuses are an important factor when it comes to choosing the right time to play slots. Some casinos offer bonuses throughout the week while others offer them only on certain days or during special promotions, so it pays to do your research before committing any money. Bonuses can range from free spins and cash rewards for loyal customers, so check what bonuses are available before deciding when to play slots in order maximize your chances of winning big!

Need More Betting Tips?

If you’re trying to find the best time to play slots for yourself, you should approach the games with some background knowledge! We’re here to help. 

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