Effective Ways to Increase Sexual Stamina

Do you want to increase sexual stamina? If so, use the tips and the information found here. You’ll find your efforts are successful.

We all want to be the best lovers that we can. In a recent survey, more than a third of Americans said that they were not happy with their sex life. Does this sound like you?

Are you looking for ways to increase sexual stamina and turn that “meh” sex to “yes, yes, yes!” sex? We’ve sourced expert advice on how you improve your sexuality and have the best sex yet!

Ready to find out more and start making your lover happier? Keep reading!

Stay Healthy

One of the best ways to increase sexual stamina, as this blog post explains, is to stay healthy in other areas of your life, too. Your sexual stamina is not different from other aspects of your physical fitness. If you’re wondering how to increase sexual stamina, look to your general health.

Start working out or follow a cardiovascular fitness routine to avoid exhaustion or breathlessness during sex. Make sure that you’re eating a healthy diet, packed full of all the right nutrients to keep you going, in and out of the bedroom. For instance, apples, broccoli, and peppers all contain quercetin, which is an antioxidant that puts a pep in your endurance.

Manage Your Stress Levels

Nothing causes a man to deflate more in the bedroom than high stress levels. Stress can cause anxiety too, giving you a bad case of performance anxiety, which as anyone can tell you, is far from sexy.

If you’ve got a stressful job or are going through a hard time, managing stress levels can seem like a Herculean task. Yet it’s an important aspect of self-care. If you want to increase sexual stamina, take up meditation or use deep-breathing exercises to keep your stress levels down. 

Take Care of Yourself Before Your Encounter

If you find that you have a problem with finishing too quickly, you should consider masturbating before you have sex. Masturbating can help men and women last a lot longer in bed by releasing any pent-up sexual tension. 

Avoid Smoking and Alcohol

Some alcohol can help to improve circulation, but if you’re drinking too much, it can damage your circulation. If blood isn’t flowing, well, it doesn’t take a genius to realize what can happen.

Smoking is also terrible for your circulation. Nicotine is a stimulant, and stimulants narrow your blood vessels and inhibit circulation. While giving up your favorite vices might seem like a daunting task, there aren’t a whole lot of better reasons than the resulting incredible sex.

Increase Sexual Stamina Through Practice

When you’ve got these healthy habits in the place, the best way to increase sexual stamina is to practice. Enjoy regular sex with your partner and take time to tease: foreplay is sexy and can help make you last longer, too. Masturbation alone or with a partner is another fantastic way to get your stamina up!

Relax and Enjoy

Try and relax: wanting to increase sexual stamina is not a condemnation of your abilities. Enjoy your time with your partner and make the most of it while staying healthy. That’s what makes great sex happen.

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