Want To Be A Better Kisser? Avoid These 19 Things While Kissing


how to kiss better

How To Kiss Better

Kissing may not be as exciting as it was when you were a kid in middle school. Just as boob grabbing eventually lost its luster, kissing and making out also began to seem like a glorious gateway to greater things. Read: sex. The problem is that if you’re a crappy kisser you’re going to damage your ability to keep her around. What woman wants to be with a guy who turns them off? That leads to you missing on on the amazing fun of getting to know her better, and yeah, getting down and dirty.

Why does kissing feel so good? Because there are tons of nerve endings in your lips that help titillate her mood. In other words, it pays to learn how to be a better kisser. So in order to tell you how to become a better kisser, we figured we’d find tips from women that can help you perfect your craft.

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