Tips For Getting The Most Out of Your Deodorant

best natural deodorants for men

We all know by now the best deodorants for men are the ones that hide rancid pit stank (alternatively, the best antiperspirants are the ones that quell nasty wet spots). That said, there’s still a right and wrong way to apply deodorant. Do it wrong and you’ll find a glob of gunk caught in your armpit hair, or white streaks on your clothes. It’s annoying and embarrassing. Avoid those blunders by following these tips when applying deodorant…:

#1. Don’t Paint A Barn Door

Don’t layer it on like a coat of paint or use one swipe and call it a day. Aim for a uniform and even application of the entire area. When using a soft solid, two or three clicks should suffice. But use that as a guide; if you’re sporting a pit jungle you’ll likely need more.

#2. Consider Going Natural

If you have sensitive skin consider avoiding deodorants with silica and talc, which have been known to cause allergic reactions. Natural deodorants are engineered to be use plants and oils to achieve the same affect as a lab-made deodorant. In the end, it’s preference.

#3. Switch It Up

Your body can become immune to the same deodorant with daily use. For best results, switch up brands or formulas either every six months.

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best deodorants for men