Top 10 Best-Selling Gadgets On Aliexpress

When buying gadgets on Aliexpress, some people tend to go after top brands with high price tags or overly cheap products that no one knows. However, for you to truly get the value for your money, there are some gadgets you might want to get.


Getting your hands on one of these gadgets gives you a feeling similar to getting online pokies free to play. Hence, they keep selling out after every restock. In this article, you will find out the top ten best-selling gadgets on Aliexpress. Find the list below:

  1. Soundcore By Anker Life Q35 Headphones
  2. Lenovo LP40 TWS Wireless Earphone
  3. Baseus USB Type C Charger 20W
  4. 5A 2M USB Type C Fast Charging Cable
  5. 28 in 1 Precision Electric Screwdriver
  6. Seago Sonic SG-507 Electric Toothbrush
  7. LIGE Smart Sport Fitness Watch
  8. Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Base Support
  9. Xiaomi Mi 16W TWS Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  10. Lampada G9 LED Lamp Chandelier Light


Soundcore By Anker Life Q35 Headphones

The Soundcore Q35 headphone obtains an LDAC technology that transmits data 3× faster via the standard Bluetooth codecs. Soundcore brings you an active noise cancelling headphone with 40mm silk-diaphragm drivers.

The custom silk-diaphragm drivers create music across a wider frequency range, cutting out distortion to deliver sound in Hi-Res Audio. In addition, this headphone from Soundcore features a lightweight design that allows you to wear it for the entire day comfortably.

As an innovative technology, the Soundcore Q35 has an in-built sensor that detects when you remove the headphones from your ear and pauses the audio instantly. In addition, this headphone has a range of 15m (49.21ft) and a frequency of 16Hz – 40kHz.

Price: $137.99

Lenovo LP40 TWS Wireless Earphone

Having over 26,000 orders in Aliexpress, the Lenovo LP40 TWS earphone ranks as one of the best-selling gadgets in the market space. This wireless earphone from Lenovo has a small structural design that’s only half the bank card size.

The LP40 TWS Lenovo earphone comes with an advanced diaphragm made of graphene, producing ultra-clear, balanced, and bold sound. In addition, the earphone features a chip upgrade of Bluetooth 5.0 third-generation giving it a faster response. 

Even in some of the best online casinos ads, you get to see this Lenovo earphone. This earphone weighs only about 25g and spots a small figure multi-black technology in terms of overall weight.

Price: $12.30 – $26.46

Charging Devices

Baseus USB Type C Charger 20W

The Baseus type C is a portable 20W charger that supports the quick charge feature of modern devices. This 20W charger from Baseus has an input power rating of AC 100V-240V and 50/60Hz, 0.8A.

It’s output rating is 5V/3A,9V/2A,9V/2.2A,12V/1.67A,15V/1.3A 20W Max. The Baseus charger is highly compatible with all Apple 12 series products and has a 30×34mm size. As a portable gadget, this type C charger weighs about 42g allowing you to carry it around easily.

The Baseus 20W Type C charger supports PD 3.0, BC 1.2, QC 3.0, Apple 2.4, and many other fast charging protocols. In addition, it is also suitable for Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei phones, power banks, desk lamps, and handheld fans.

Price: $9.79

5A 2M USB Type C Fast Charging Cable

This fast charging cable is a uniquely designed gadget that supports Huawei and Xiaomi fast charging phones – Samsung, One Plus, and Ipad excluded.

This cable, during data transfer, transmits information between connections at 480 Mbps. It has a 5A output current and supports QC quick charge feature.

Price: $3.45

Electric Devices

28 in 1 Precision Electric Screwdriver

This screwdriver comes as a set of 28pcs LED light lithium battery-powered precision tools for decoupling and assembling accessories. It features magnetic absorption and comes with a switch that prevents the wrong operation of button pressing.

Unlike the traditional screwdriver, this one offers more precise screwing and has bit sizes of PH000, PH00, PH0, PH1, PH2, T2 – T15H. In addition, there is a 330mAh battery capacity, 200r/min idling speed, and an electric torque of 0.35 N.m.

Price: $16.74 – $38.13

Seago Sonic SG-507 Electric Toothbrush

The Seago SG-507 electric toothbrush has five modes of operation, 30s interval time, waterproof design, and a 2 min auto-off timer. The five modes on this toothbrush indicate specific oral care needs using LED lights.

This toothbrush produces up to 40,000 strokes/minute, providing super-effective cleaning. The pack comes with one handle, dust cover, and USB cable; then, it spots three different heads for brushing.

Price: $17.19 – $40.75


LIGE Smart Sport Fitness Watch

The LIGE fashion smartwatch contains a heart rate sensor that allows it to keep tabs on your health. The LIGE watch has a screen size of 1.28″ 240×240 full touch display.

This watch has an ultra-thin body craftsmanship design that makes it thin and lightweight. It features a 1.28 inches high-definition large screen vivid display with a 2.5D integrated curved glass.

As a plus, the LIGE smart sports fitness watch has an IP67 waterproof professional design, making swimming possible with it. In addition, this smartwatch can detect your heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen monitoring index.

Price: $22.21

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Base Support

This base support gadget for Sony’s previous PlayStation 4 edition is compatible with only the PS4 Pro version. This base support keeps your gameplay running smoothly with the attached cooling fan that comes with it.

The Sony PlayStation 4 Pro is famous for running hotter than the regular PS4 slim, making the turbo cooler on this stand essential for all owners. In addition, the design of the stand is such that it economises space, remains environmental-friendly, and is easy to install.

The PS4 Pro stand works at an operational temperature above 38c, has a working voltage of DC 5V, and has a fan type of DC 5V 0.1, 10000±10% RPM. The stands package comes housing the cooling fan, a manual, and one USB cable for powering it.

Price: $13.42

Xiaomi Mi 16W TWS Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This portable speaker from Xiaomi contains the Bluetooth 5.0 version with an output power rating of 2×8W, 5V, 1A, and frequency range 80Hz-20kHz. Its signal-to-noise ratio stands at 70dB, with its size being 21.3cm×7.4cm×7.4cm.

It comes with a lithium-ion-powered battery of 2,600mAh that can last approximately 13 hours (at 50% volume). However, on research, it takes a total of 4 hours to complete its charge.

Price: $36.85 – $71.85

Lampada G9 LED Lamp Chandelier Light

With the Lampada G9 LED Lamp having over 4,000 orders on Aliexpress, this chandelier light features a low power consumption rating with high brightness. Moreover, for recycling purposes, this bulb is conducive to get reused and has energy-saving features.

The Lampada G9 comes with a voltage rating of AC200V-240V, an SMD 5730 LED type build, and has 24leds/36leds/48leds/56leds/69leds/72leds. For safety, Lampada has added a shockproof coating to prevent any transmission of electricity when held.

In addition, this bulb generates low heat (even after being on for a long time). Lampada claims that this bulb will allow you to save more power than the traditional ones. You can get this bulb in two light colours; warm white/cool white.

Price: $8.29 – $16.98


Shopping on Aliexpress can be challenging, and this is due to the massive amount of gadgets in its marketplace. However, instead of going for the over-priced or strange products, this article has highlighted the ten best-selling gadgets you can purchase in Aliexpress.