Ultimate Camping Trip Gear Checklist

Camping Trip Essentials TentTent

Ever fallen asleep in an assembled tent and awoken in a heap of tarps and poles? Of course you have, Inspector Clouseau. As we all have.

Although most tents boast sturdiness and strength, few are solid enough to withstand the potential weather conditions found near most lakes. Meteorologist Jeff Haby cites the topography of your chosen lake vacation as an important factor: “Since hillier areas are mostly on the east side of the Great Lakes, the combination of cold winds usually from the northwest and hilly areas produce snow belts in these areas.”

This means travelers need tents capable of facing high wind-speeds, blowing snows and sudden storms.

Dome tents combine sturdy material with clever structural integrity, built to maximize the strength-to-weight-to-cost ratio. For an ideal dome tent, try Columbia Conrad Ridge’s roomy, waterproof shelter system. Sleeps eight comfortably and far more than that uncomfortably.

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