Ultimate Camping Trip Gear Checklist

Camping Trip Essentials Stove CookerStove Cooker

For those of you interested in cooking freshly-caught fish or heating canned goods, a portable stove top is a necessity.

Hostetter says alcohol stoves are ideally lightweight, incredibly fuel-efficient and very low-maintenance, but not necessarily the best option for those in need of fast boiling times. He recommends ZenStove’s detailed guide to determining the stove best suited to your trip’s needs, based on food specificities, boiling time and trip location. If you are looking for a another stove option perfect for your trip, try a wood pellet stove.

Do yourself a favor. Get a stove.

Food tastes a million times better when it is cooked and eaten outdoors. Just like beer tastes better in the sunshine, and baseball is more fun to watch at an outdoor stadium with a grass field. These are literally laws of nature.

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