Ultimate Camping Trip Gear Checklist

Camping Trip Essentials Thermal WearThermal Wear

With late-night breezes keeping you from staying warm and comfortable on an overnight camping trip, the right clothing is key.

(Shorts and your college sweatshirt are not the “right” clothing. Shorts and your college sweatshirt are never the right clothing.)

BackPacker’s Gear Pro Kristin Hostetter breaks down an ideal layering system as one consisting of a thin “base layer” of wool, a second “insulation” layer of lightweight fleece to trap heat and a third “shell” layer of waterproof/breathable material.

“The guiding principle of layering is that you are regularly adding and removing layers to keep your body temperature even,” says Hostetter.

Polypropylene Military Thermal varieties provide the best selection and warmth, suited for even the worst weather conditions.

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