Video: Which Body Part Hurts Most to Wax? (SFW)

I once accidentally rubbed Icy Hot on my nuts after a football game; the lava balls I experienced was excruciating. Having my pubes waxed was worse — picture the world’s strongest adhesive on the world’s strongest bandage being yanked from the world’s most delicate set of short-and-curlies. Given how bad it hurt, I wasn’t surprised when I spotted a few small droplets of blood, but after a few deep breaths, I no longer wanted to punch a hole in the wall. However, it took several hours for me to fully recover, which included forgiving myself for volunteering to have anything that traumatizing done so close to my pecker. Adding inslut to pube-area injury, the area broke out two days later. Convincing someone to have sex with you — even the woman who’s agreed to marry you — while dozens of disgusting pimples surround your package is all but impossible. I can’t believe she’s marrying me.