Wake Up! It’s a Defusable Bomb Alarm Clock


It’s tough to get up in the morning. Whether you drank too much the night before, or had trouble sleeping, or simply find it difficult to face the dreary reality of existence, your phone or alarm clock may not always be able to get the job done. But what if your clock were actually a “bomb” that you had to diffuse? Well, that’s exactly what the Defusable Clock ($43) is. Plus, it looks cool on a nightstand.

alarm clock modernman.com

The fully functional alarm clock can, with some imagination, be made to look just like a bomb MacGyver would disarm with a golf pencil and bottle cap. The $43 kit includes only the clock, not the casing. So you’ll need to decide what type of explosive device you want it to become (we suggest bricks of phony C-4 or bundles of fake dynamite). Buttons on the control pad allow you to adjust the clock’s settings — time, alarm, snooze, etc. — but you can always hit the big red button to initiate a 10-second countdown sequence if you want to show it off / send someone into cardiac arrest. When time runs out, it “explodes” with loud noise and flashing LED lights.

To diffuse the clock, you need steady hands and some luck: Choose the correct wire and you’re home free. Pick the wrong one, and boom! Two are dummy wires. The wires are randomly sequenced, so you’ll never know which one you should snip. (Of course, if you literally cut them, you’ll also have to replace them. But much like your kid sister, it’s cheap and easy to do.)