What Guys Should Know About Vodka

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Why Vodka is Important to Bartenders

Vodka is commonly known for neutrality and as such is frequently utilized for single-spirit style cocktails. It’s very adaptable, which is why bartenders use it to improvise and make cool new flavor combos, while the vodka provides an adequate base for the whole thing.


Potato Vodka vs. Regular Vodka

The potato-based vodka is actually very different from a regular vodka. In contrast to wheat, the potato is denser and heavier, so the potato vodka is all about texture, and if you think about the taste of a mashed potato, well, potato vodka leaves a relatively similar sensation. Solid potato vodkas are known for having a full taste. Mind you, it’s also well-known that the potato is an infamously tough base ingredient due to the huge number of impurities that occur during distillation. For that reason, solid and top-quality potato vodka are, in fact, a rarity, so if you stumble upon one of these, make sure you enjoy the moment and save that drink/bottle for special occasions.