What She Should
Get You For Valentine’s Day

what she should get you for valentines day

We’re always being told what the perfect gift for her will be this holiday season, and we’re no different. We came up with 10 great gifts for her. But what about gifts for us guys? We deserve something cool, too. Hell, we’re celebrating the day too, right? Where you are in your relationship will determine what kind of gift you’ll get, so pass these ideas along to her and avoid getting shafted with useless crap like chocolates and flowers. You know, the same things you got her.

king of shavesIf she’s going to dump you … King of Shaves Hyperglide System Razor ($17)
Dumping people around holidays — especially the holiday that’s reserved for lovers — has stigma to it. So to save, ahem, face, she might tolerate you through February. If she’s going to, she can at least help you look your best when she does decide to cut you loose. King of Shaves uses Hyperglide razor system that features a self-lubricating cartridge. Read: Less razor burn and a smoother shave.

campfire jerkeyIf she’s on the fence about you … Whiskey Soaked Campfire Jerky ($16)
We’re fans of whiskey. We’re fans of jerky. So of course combining the two seems like a great idea. Ideal for a snack that’ll give you the courage to make a move to lock her down, or give you a jumpstart on your buzz to forget the blues.