What to Wear To A Wedding

black-tie wedding attireCan I wear my black suit to a black-tie wedding?

Even if the invitation specifically states black tie, you are not required to rent a tux. With the right shirt/tie combo and accessories, you can wear a black suit you already own.

You could always purchase a tuxedo shirt, complete with traditional pintucks (the pleats down the front you probably call ruffles) and/or wing collar (the collar meant for a bow tie), but any pristine white shirt will suffice.

For a formal event, French cuffs are preferred.

Your tie should be black, white or silver. It doesn’t have to be a solid color, but you don’t want anything too flashy. (Never outshine the bride and groom.)

A pocket silk is the perfect finishing touch and freshly polished, shined black shoes are a must.

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