What We Learn From CamSoda Review: Why is Camming the Most Powerful Attraction?

Physical characteristics like long legs, medium-large breasts, and narrow waist play a vital role in determining attractiveness. Visual attraction attracts our attention, affects our attitude, and enhances our emotion. Arousal and sexual attraction are all based on what we see.

Today, several camming websites have taken advantage of the power of visuals to make their content more appealing. A typical example of a camming website that harnesses the full potential of visual attraction is CamSoda, a camming website with a wide variety of categories, tags, and payment options. We totally advice checking a more extensive CamSoda Review from an affiliate site to get a full comprehensive idea of what this site has to offer.  In this post, you’d get to learn why camming websites like CamSoda have a more powerful visual attraction and what they are doing differently that makes them more appealing.

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1.   Open Body Language

Firstly, the girls in CamSoda use open body language to be more appealing. This alone is more arousing than fancy clothing, or dance moves. Research shows that keeping the chest, torso, and abdomen open to the world is the best way of showing availability. Unlike other camming websites, girls on CamSoda expose their necks, tilt their necks backward, and laugh which releases tantalizing pheromones. On the other hand, girls on some camming websites have closed body language without even realizing it

2.   Fronting

Another reason why CamSoda is a more attractive camming website is that its ladies use what is called squaring up or fronting. Fronting or squaring up is when the ladies square up their bodies such that they are directly facing the camera. The truth is that when someone fronts you, they are signaling interest and attraction. Three things are involved when ladies on CamSoda are fronting, their toes, torso, and top.

3.   Eye Gazing

Another powerful way girls on CamSoda use the power of attraction to entice viewers is with eye gazing. They stare into the camera for a long period. And when the viewer stares into the screen they feel like the actress is staring straight at them which releases oxytocin otherwise known as love hormones. Moreover, oxytocin is produced in the heart, so eye gazing is the perfect gateway to the heart. Eye gazing such a powerful visual attraction that it works on basically anyone including animals. And though the actress on CamSoda uses the power of eye gazing, they don’t do it too much least viewers will look less. So they mix looking into the camera for some few seconds (let’s say 3 seconds) then look wink look away and smile down.

4.   The Wait and Smile

You might have heard that smiling is a good thing, but it will also interest you to know that smiling also creates a powerful visual attraction. Smiling shows that you’re genuinely happy doing whatever you’re doing. And if there’s one thing that arouses a man more than a big butt or boobs is submission. When an actress smiles, on a cam website like CamSoda, it invites and arouses the sexual urge of the viewers. And one thing you’d notice about girls on CamSoda is that they don’t overdo the smiling trick. They use the wait and smile approach, where they wait until you introduce yourself or engage you in a conversation then exchange pleasantries before the smile.

5.   Mirroring Body Language

Mirroring body language is another approach camgirl models on CamSoda use to arouse feeling it’s their viewers. It involves subtly copying the body language of the other person. The consensus is that mirroring is hot. Truth is that we humans tend to subconsciously mimic someone when we’re truly into them. The key to mirroring is to be subtle. Similarly, mirroring can also discourage attraction and break rapport.

6.   Congruent Facial Expression

How a person’s face looks when resting is also another thing to consider. Cam girls often present themselves as curious, entertaining, starry eyes, and smiling faces and these small cues go a long way in making them more approachable. But this is not as simple as changing your facial expression, they’ve got to also be congruent, and this is why actresses on CamSoda stand out from other camming websites. In a nutshell, congruent simply means being the same inside and out.


In conclusion, camming is very powerful because of the effects of visual attraction. And camming actresses know this, hence they take advantage of their body language, facial expressions, and congruent to be more attractive. But ultimately, they are themselves and do not force anything.