5 Things Women Don’t Like In Bed (According To Science)

what she doesn't like in bed

When you’re ending a sex drought you’re happy enough to just be having sex. But when you might possibly want a repeat performance, it’s important to deliver during round one. That hinges on what a woman likes — and doesn’t like — in bed.

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If you’re growing into a relationship with someone, those things can come up organically. As in, when you bust out your BDSM mask and she screams and leaps out the window, you know she’s not into it. However, when you get one shot, you want to at least give yourself favorable odds of doing.

1. A Gigantic Penis
Bust out the ruler, fellas. For one-night stands, women preferred slightly larger penis sizes than they did for long-term suitors, according to the journal PLOS One. The exact numbers for a long-term sex partners were 6.3 inches for length; 4.8 inches for circumference; and 6.4 inches for length and five inches in circumference for one-nighters.


#2. Early Morning (Or Late Night) Sex
Surveying 2,300 women, sex toy maker Lovehoney found that it’s amazing anyone has sex. Why? The times people are horniest vary drastically. Women were said to be turned off between 2 a.m. and 6 .m. — although, what freakish guy wants to get down during those times, anyway? Also, up to 91 percent of the women surveyed said between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. wasn’t good, either. The latter portion we’re not shocked about; ruining morning sex is an easy thing to do.


#3. Skinny Dudes
A survey of more than 2,500 female Brits concluded that skinny dudes don’t blow their skirts up. In fact, the women said they were more comfortable with their own body image when they were with heavier guys.

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