Which Fighting Style Kicks The Most Ass?

sambo mmSAMBO
Famous practitioners: Zangief from Street Fighter, the Burn Notice guy

Sambo — “self-defense without weapon”— began in Russia in 1930. It falls into three categories: sportive Sambo (score points, win the match), defensive Sambo (don’t allow your attacker to injure you), and combat Sambo (survive by injuring or killing your enemy). How badass is sambo? Well, during WWII, prisoners were invited to fight, with each year of combat shaving two off of their sentence. With so many criminals on the front lines, Sambo experts learned street and prison fighting techniques that were incorporated into the present evolutions of the sport. It’s also among the official hand-to-hand combat techniques used by Spetnaz — the Russian special forces, and has roots in Japanese judo and numerous styles of wrestling.

Ass kickery: four fist