Which Fighting Style Kicks The Most Ass?

Screen shot 2011 06 30 at 6.10.59 PMMUAY THAI
Famous Practitioners: Tony Jaa, Sagat from Street Fighter

Muay Thai began in Thailand and means “The Art of Eight Limbs” (the elbows and knees are counted as separate appendages). The fighting style combines the brutality of hand-to-hand combat with the nobility of a national sport. It emphasizes brute force and stand-up striking, making it popular among Tapout clothing enthusiasts, and real MMA badasses. Plus, when there’s techniques called “Throwing Buffalo Punch,” “Break The Elephant’s Tusks,” and “Foot Touches Face,” you know the sh*t is no joke. (Fun fact: In 1774, the Burmese took control of Thailand (then Siam), and forced muay Thai warrior Nai Khanom Tom to fight the most badass Burmese fighter to see who was better. Knahom Tom disposed of the opponent — and nine more fighters after him — in a single afternoon in front of the Burmese king. MakesGladiator look like a punk.)

Ass kickery: four fist