Who regulates sports betting in Iowa?

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In Iowa, sports betting is becoming more and more popular. And a valid justification can be given. Since Iowa’s legislature authorized it in 2019, sports betting, including mobile betting, has been completely legal in the state.

All of the largest sportsbooks in the US market have moved to Iowa as a result of the state’s recent legalization of sports betting.

As additional bookmakers enter the market, the amount wagered on sports in Iowa has been increasing each month. Now that it is permitted to do so, the state has begun laying wagers on a range of collegiate and professional sporting events. You can even find useful Iowa sports betting bonus codes online.

It used to be necessary for consumers to visit a physical casino sportsbook in order to register for mobile sports betting in Iowa, but these days, everything can be done online.

The legal sports betting market in the state, which has quickly grown to be one of the most thriving in the country, is regulated by the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission. It is a wise idea for people who wish to wager to do their homework on the Iowa sports betting market, ensure they are familiar with online betting, and discuss the top bonuses and free bets that are currently being provided.

But who regulates sports betting in Iowa?

Legal betting in Iowa

Legislation to legalize sports betting in Iowa has been authorized by the Senate and House since April 2019. In August 2019, after the bill was signed by Governor Kim Reynolds a month earlier, retail and online sports betting were permitted in Iowa.

By the end of that summer, additional websites started taking bets. State law permits wagering on both professional and collegiate sporting events. Player prop bets are prohibited, however, wagering on intrastate college games is permitted.

Initially, opening an account for online sports betting required Iowans to physically go to a bookmaker. Thankfully, this ban was abolished in January 2021 for gamblers. In order to gain speedy access to legal online sports betting from anywhere in the Hawkeye State, players can now register online.

The majority of the state’s 19 casinos have retail sportsbooks in addition to more than 15 mobile betting programs.

The online sportsbooks in Iowa are now accepting bets from residents of the state who are at least 21 years old from any location.

Sports betting in Iowa

In Iowa, what sports may I wager on? In the Hawkeye State, you can wager on any professional sport you want. This implies that you are free to support the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB teams of your choosing and to wager on a variety of international sporting events.

In Iowa, it is now legal to wager on collegiate sports, including teams that play for the state’s educational institutions. In Iowa, there are only two very minor restrictions on betting on college sports.

When betting on collegiate sports within the state, a prop bet on a single person is not allowed. Additionally, intrastate college competitions are not eligible for live betting.

The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission

As for who regulates sports betting in Iowa, the short answer is the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission.

As stated in their site, “the Racing & Gaming Commission is established by Iowa Code 99D and is extended authority over casinos at racetracks and riverboats/gambling structures/racetracks by Iowa Code 99F.  The Racing & Gaming Commission establishes Administrative Rules to govern the operation of pari-mutuel and casino operations in Iowa.”

The Pari-Mutuel Wagering Act, which was passed in May 1983, established the Iowa Racing & Gaming Commission. The Act establishes a Commission of five members, each of whom shall be chosen by the Governor and serve terms of not more than three years, subject to confirmation by the Iowa Senate. A single political party may only have three members of the Commission linked with it.