The Best Men’s Winter Gloves Perfect For, Uh, Winter

best winter gloves for men leather#4. Best For Looking Suave: Orvis – Bison Leather Winter Gloves ($100 @

If you couldn’t tell, we’re loving bison this year — this time in the form of comfy bison leather gloves. Sure, they may look soft and pliable (and dammit, they are), but these gloves are hardly innocent. Built to stand the test of time and battle against the worst Mother Nature can throw at you, Orvis proves that you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for utility. The custom wrist cinch detail with brass grommets and rawhide laces add to their charm, while the micropile lining feels like you’re sliding your hands into a pair of your favorite slippers. You know, minus the nasty foot sweat. And the stench.



winter gloves phd#5. Best For Updating Socia Media: Smartwool PhD Alpine Glove ($140 @

Philosophical question: if you go on a wild backcountry adventure without posting photos and videos to Instagram and Facebook, did it ever really happen? With the PHD Alpine Glove, you don’t have to take that risk — touch technology gives you the option to record your exploits without exposing your delicate fingers. Plus, its wool insulation and a proprietary waterproof insert go a step further in making sure you don’t lose both hands to frostbite.



best winter gloves for men driving#6. Best For Operating A Car, Snowmobile, Or Space Pod: Canada Goose Winter Driving Gloves ($150 @

There’s nothing worse than those brutal minutes waiting for your car’s heater to kick in when it’s way below freezing. With the Canada Goose Winter Driving Gloves, now those moments are a bit more bearable. Stuffed with goose down insulation to the tune of 525 Fill-Power your fingers will stay toasty, and thanks to the leather palms, you won’t have to sacrifice dexterity either. Safe and warm? Now, that’s more like it.