The Best Men’s Winter Gloves Perfect For, Uh, Winter

gloves for texting#10. Best Men’s Winter Gloves For Texting

: Classic Touch Screen Glove ($20 @

The Classic gloves are best in moderate to chilly temps. Read: Don’t use them on Hoth. But their best addition is the ability to use your smartphone while you’re wearing them. Check emails, send texts, watch 1980s action movies — all without removing your gloves.




6 Cool Pairs of Winter Gloves

#11. Best Men’s Winter Gloves For

Versatility: Orvis Two-In-One Deerskin Gloves ($60 @

Depending on what you’re doing — carrying firewood, gassing up your car, or waiting impatiently at a Metro stop — you’ll have options as to how you look and how warm your hands will be. Wear the lightweight, wind-proof, breathable, Berber fleece gloves separately, or slip them into the genuine deerskin leather gloves an added layer of warmth and style.