With National Tourism Rising, How Can You Take Advantage?

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National tourism is on the rise as a result of the coronavirus pandemic with people being encouraged to opt for staycations instead of going abroad, which many believe could continue to be popular after the threat of the virus has passed as there are so many perks to a staycation. So, how can you take advantage of this situation?

Entrepreneurial tips and/or those looking to enter a new line of work will be thinking about ways in which they can profit from this and there are a number of smart ideas worth considering.

Holiday Rental

One of the most obvious options is to buy a property and to rent it out as a holiday rental. People are booking into Air BnB and similar types of property up and down the country as opposed to staying in hotels and it is easy to see why. Therefore, if you can buy a nice property in an attractive destination and you make it suitable for holidaymakers you could run a successful business and benefit from a passive form of income.


No matter whether people are staying in a quaint country village or in a major city, they will always spend time in a cafe whether this is their morning breakfast, while they are out exploring or simply for people watching. Starting a cafe in a popular tourist destination could be a rewarding business venture, especially if you have an outdoor area and serve food.


Another good option is to start a takeaway business, particularly when you consider how popular takeaways have been during the pandemic. People will not always want to cook or eat out when on a staycation, so a takeaway offering high-quality, affordable food could be a successful business venture.

Taxi Service

Transport is hugely important with any kind of staycation and a taxi business could be lucrative, particularly when you consider the lack of taxis and wheelchair accessible taxis in remote and rural areas currently. This can also be a fun, rewardable business to start with places like Cab Direct offering high-quality taxis for sale that will allow you to offer a great service for customers.

These are just a few of the ways in which entrepreneurial-minded individuals could benefit from the sharp increase in national tourism as a result of the pandemic. Life has been changed forever by the virus, but it has also presented new opportunities and ways to make a living which people can take advantage of.