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20 Superfoods for More Energy Now

The term “superfood” gets tossed around a lot these days, and while some food fads will eventually fade — *cough* green smoothies *cough* — these 20 foods live up to the hype.

By Chris Connolly

If your body shape currently resembles that of a bottle of beer, well, there’s a reason for that. To counteract your decadent lifestyle, you need to fill your body with foods that will help your heart, hair, skin, blood, and cholesterol. This list of superfoods is a good place to start.

1. Flax seed
Known as a modern miracle food, flax seeds are high in alpha linolenic acids (ALA), an omega-3 fatty acid found in plants. Eating flax seed lowers cholesterol, lowers blood triglyceride and blood pressure, and simultaneously keeping the platelets (colorless bodies in our blood) from turning sticky and therein reducing heart attack risk.

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2. Tomatoes
Called a “cancer-fighting” food, tomatoes are eaten to help prevent stomach, endometrial, lung, skin, and prostate cancer, and they contain high percentages of potassium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, and lycopene. Health journalist Soleil Robins offers a suggestion for ideal consumption: “To get those specific antioxidants easily absorbed into your body, cook a tomato in a pan with olive oil, then eat it warm on top of your favorite pasta.” Eat at least one a day.

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3. Kale
One cup of kale provides 10 percent of daily fiber, as well as vitamin A and C. If you’re unfamiliar with the vegetable, kale is often grouped in with the cabbage, collards, and brussels sprouts family of low-fat, low-calorie vegetables. Southern greens, boiled, oiled, and pan cooked, are often the tastiest.


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