6 Ways To Ruin Your Online Dating Profile Photo

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#3. YOUR CLOTHES ARE OFF That's not to say you shouldn't highlight your body if it's one of your positive attributes. If you're in shape, a tighter shirt to show off your guns is both a subtle and revealing statement that says staying healthy and active is important to you. If you're on the larger side of things, just wear clothing that compliment your body type. Again, the objective with your pic is to show your best side, not create a Sims character. Also: Study: People Are More Optimistic About Online Dating #4. YOU USE PHOTOSHOP It's tempting since Photoshop gives you the power to eliminate every blemish, wrinkle, or extra skin on your body, but don't take the bait. You are who you are, and be comfortable with that. Using a Photoshopped pic starts you off with a lie. Then when you finally meet up with a woman for a date you have to explain why you're an asshole who lies to people.