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7 Manly Ways To Smell Better This Spring

Guys should smell like guys — not like apple-berry or cotton candy. Here’s how to smell manly in a way that women will love.

By Robert Haynes-Peterson

manly ways to smell better

When we say we want to help you “smell better,” we don’t mean we want you to smell like lavender and cherry blossoms. We know guys want to smell like guys, and we agree — as long as that smell isn’t an unctuous mix of old sweat and slightly newer sweat.

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If you don’t care about that, fine. But women want men to smell like men. And, again, (most of the time) that does not mean like B.O.

So whether you’re heading off to work, heading out on a date, or just heading to the couch, keep in mind that there are a few great tools you can use to make sure you don’t smell like satan’s barnyard.

manly ways to smell better dove wash#1. Dove Men Plus Care Body and Face Wash ($4 @ Amazon.com)

If you smell horrible in warm-weather months people are going to take notice much quicker than when you’re covered with 10 pounds of winter clothing. Eliminate unpleasant smells with Dove Men Plus Car body wash. Not only will the body wash search and destroy dirt and odor, it’ll leave you smelling good well into your day.

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