7 Myths About Her Period

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Many guys are okay with the idea of getting down and possibly dirty when a woman is having her period. But at the same time, the majority of men I've dated have been clueless about what's actually going on down there. And not only is it annoying to be asked ridiculous questions about a totally normal biological event, it's also a turnoff — think of it as the equivalent of a woman asking you if your erections are caused by penis elves. So I'm going to debunk the seven most common myths about her time of the month. Also: 5 Tips For Being Better At Foreplay MYTH #1: WOMEN DON'T WANT TO HAVE SEX DURING THEIR PERIOD Not only is there more lubrication (which equals more pleasure), but the combo of hormones and muscle movements that occur during an orgasm can actually relieve cramps. She may be declining sex because she’s worried you’ll be weirded out, so tell her you'll lay down a towel and that a little blood is no big deal. (After all, you're a huge fan of The Walking Dead.) If either of you are still squeamish, hop in the shower together.