7 Things Guys Should Know About Ties

We asked a real tie expert — yes, they exist — to help us dress our necks. What he says may surprise you …

By Erin Dawson

what guys should know about ties outfit

4) What part of my outfit does my tie most need to match? Shoes? Belt? Shirt?
The tie should ideally be coordinated with your entire look, but at the very least, your shirt. As a general rule for beginners: solid ties look good paired with patterned shirts, and patterned ties look good paired with solid shirts.

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5) What sort or lining should I look for in a good tie?
Most well-crafted ties will be lined with brushed wool. It will usually be mixed with polyester to make it more durable and longer lasting. The weights of these linings vary, but you ideally would like to select one that achieves a good medium: if it’s too light, the tie won’t maintain shape and if it’s too heavy, tying a decent knot can be difficult.

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