8 Surprising Things That Turn Women On

What turns women on? Oddly enough, cucumbers, lattes, and your sweaty shirt. Seriously. What doesn’t? A Snapchat photo of your junk.

By Anna Davies

what turns women on

What guy doesn’t want to know what turns women on? It’s tough to nail it down because some things just sound too crazy to believe. Like, the myths of the female exercise-induced orgasm. How many women do you know who cop to that one? None, right? Most gym action come from looking at the treadmill next to them and realizing they can see the dude’s junk through the gap in his shorts. A minor thrill, sure. But certainly not orgasmic.

But according to research, the exercise-induced orgasm is real … and so are these other odd libido enhancers. Some sort of make sense, and some sound downright bizarre, but science doesn’t care if you get laid or not, so why would it lie about what turns women on?

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what turns women on

1) Cucumbers
Along with looking like a huge … cucumber, research suggests the scent of cucumbers is a turn-on to women while the scent of pumpkin pie is a turn on to men. Looks like it’s time to go out and buy that juicer you never really wanted.

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what turns women on

2) Watermelon
According to experts, watermelon contains an amino acid called arginine, which can increase blood flow — including to the below-the-belt regions — and crank up libido.

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