How To Spin Your Negatives In
A Job Interview

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spin negatives job interview drug test 4. YOU FAILED A DRUG TEST AT A PREVIOUS JOB This one’s tricky, and it depends a lot on the timing of the offense. ”Take responsibility and provide a short explanation, but spend more time talking about the actions you’ve taken in an effort to change," McNab says. "Stress the timeframe if it was a long time ago." Also: The Best Natural Deodorants For Men If, however, it's a recent dug offense, you're probably out of luck. Still, don't throw in the towel. Own up to what happened, explain what you lost because of your bad decisions, and then stress that you're not about to make the same mistakes. Remember, drug tests matter a lot more in some professions (police officer) than they do in others (writer for a men's website).   Next: You Lack Experience