4 Spanish Pick Up Lines Guys Use (For Some Reason)

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spanish pick up linesThere’s nothing sexier than a guy who speaks Spanish. Actually, he has to be hot first and speak Spanish later would be preferable. Anyway, we’re generally not fans of pick up lines. They’re cheesy and typically feel forced.

Our advice is always to be yourself,  and if that’s not good enough, she can vet al infierno (go to hell).  Still, if you don’t want to heed our advice, these Spanish pick up lines may suit you.

Spanish pick up lines, inigo1. “Hola, soy un ladrón, y estoy aquí para robar tu corazón.”

This pick up line is one of the great traditional Spanish pick up lines. The translation is, “Hello, I am a thief, and I am here to steal your heart.” It is sure to intrigue any lady, especially if she has no idea what you’re saying. Deliver it with the intensity of The Princess Bride’s Inigo Montoya, and you’ll be golden.

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