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10 Impressive Men’s Haircuts From Memorable Movie Characters

These guy haircuts might not be the most popular hairstyles for men — but maybe they should be.

By Eric Alt

impressive movie haircuts robert de niro taxi driver

If you’re not one of the 35 million guys experiencing hair loss in the United States, odds are that you’re also not not obsessing over which hairstyle you strut around with. That doesn’t mean guys are immune to changing things up every so often. If you’re in search of inspiration for your coif, consider these cinematic hairstyles.

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They may not be the norm, but we guarantee sporting a Mohawk, bowl cut, or curly gel-fro like these characters will get women to notice you. In extreme cases, it may even cause them to flee in fear or call the police. (Read: If you look as loony as Travis Bickle in a Mowawk, shave your goddamn head.)

The 10 Most Impressive Movie Haircuts ron burgundy

This is a sculpted monument to manhood if ever one existed. Disparaging Ron’s majestic hair will send him into a red-eyed rage, and for good reason. This is the kind of hair sonnets are written about. Just gaze at it and share its quiet beauty.

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