One Video Explains Why You Should Never Take Another Sip Of Soda

pee coke soda

We spent hours in the sun free from SPF as a kid, and then we learned as adults how the sun singes your skin and gives you cancer. We breathed the air and ran around on the playground, only to learn later that the air we huffed is probably polluted with … pollutants. We hate coffee because it’s for adults and then later we love coffee and learn it’s great for you until another study claims it’s awful for you. And then there’s soda, which we slurped down by the gallon as a kid, only to learn that it’s basically the worst thing for you since sliced bread covered in pig lard slathered in butter and cyanide.

Just how bad is soda? We’ll let this video of an egg being left in a cup of soda for a year demonstrate what it does to your insides …

And if that wasn’t enough, how about these reasons to veer away from taking another sip of soda …

You don’t need the extra sugar. The American Heart Association recommends adults limit their daily sugar consumption to no more than 9.5 teaspoons (or 37.5 grams) per day, the 39 grams of sugar that are stuffed into one 12-ounce can of Coke will exceed that.

Your craving may induce a heart attack. One 2015 study involving almost 800,000 people in Japan discovered that the more money subjects spent on carbonated drinks, the higher the chances they had of suffering cardiac arrest.

Even diet soda makes you fat. Studies show that switching to healthier unleaded, sugar-free soda gain just as much belly fat as those who down the leaded (aka non-diet) soda.