Subtle Signs She’s Trying
To Seduce You

If you know what to look for, the way she talks, uses her hands, and sits in her chair will tell you what she’s looking for at the end of the night.

By Robin Hilmantel

Subtle Ways She's Trying To Seduce You

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: You’re missing out on lots of chances to get laid. How do I know? Just trust me — as a woman, I know. See, while you may buy a woman a drink or use a pickup line when you’re interested, women tend to be far more subtle when it comes to seduction. As a result, you’re probably not catching all of the signals we’re throwing your way. So how can you tell when she wants you to f*ck her and when she wants you to f*ck off? Just look for these easy-to-spot (once you know to look for them) signals …

Jesus, not like that. When she tantalizingly places her fingers anywhere between her clavicle and her breasts, she’s trying to turn you on. You may have also heard that if a woman plays with her hair she’s looking for you to make a move, but this is a little murky. While it isn’t a bad sign if she’s playing with her hair — a lot of women do this habitually — don’t base your decision to steal second based solely on her hair-fondling habits.

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